Wild Arugula

I have to say I wasn't too excited about our farm bag tonight. Sure, the mixed salad greens were stunning, the baby carrots perfect. We ate the strawberries in a heartbeat. But there were collards. I do not know what to do with collards. I rinsed them off and bagged them. There were two little zucchini's rolling around in the dirt at the bottom of the bag. Fine. I recognized the purple kolarabi pictured above although what I'm going to do with a solo kolarabi I have no idea. My German stepmother used to cook them a dozen at a time in butter sauce and they were great, but one? The butter sauce might not be a bad idea for the collards though.

The big white thing pictured next to the kohlarabi is still somewhat of a mystery. I understand it's a turnip but do I treat it like a potato or a radish? There were some in the bag last week too that I hid in a soup the cute guy insisted I put in the food processor. I could have put a sandal in there and we wouldn't have known.

But this is what put the farm bag over the top tonight. See that leaf on the left? The one with all the bug bites and all it's bug bitten brothers and sisters around it. I opened the bag of those, wild arugula, the list said and thought, they have got to be kidding. I'm not eatting them. I followed the cute guy out the door on his way to the trash. "Look at this," I said, holding the bag out to him. "What is it?", he asked taking a leaf. I stopped and watched him. He stopped. Looked at me. "Wow!". He reached for another one. I wasn't buying it. My nose was in a knot but I bit into a leaf too and it was my turn. "Wow!". I smiled.

Wild arugula. Looks like hell. Like it should be stopped from spreading. I have never tasted anything like it. Well, domestic arugula, which is a mere whisper to wild arugula. "Wow!", is all I can say.

And thank you Canvas Ranch for another great surprise.


Laura said...

Collard greens are great sauteed with butter, lots of garlic and red pepper.

JV said...

hi Miss Kale For Sale.

enjoyed the new e-mail from your site that leafy stuff does look a little bug eaten but i guess if the bugs eat it, could that mean its good?

I have a new word for you, you might even use it someday here on Kale for Sale.
Its, Costermonger.....
Keep up the good news.

Anonymous said...

Could you post that recipe for sandl soup, please. That one sounds most interesting!

octogurl_83 said...
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octogurl_83 said...

the turnip is used in a number of Japanese recipes (called 'daikon' in Japanese) like soups and can be made into a cold veggie pre-meal munchie (daikon tsukemono). it's more like a radish than a potato.

...i can't believe they gave you bug-nibbled arugula! :o (but hurrah for cute boys)