Sustainable Ballard

I skipped yoga tonight and instead carted home ten pounds of produce from the Ferry Building market I ran to this morning. As I was carrying back my overstuffed canvas bag, complete with leaking nectarine and flat lettuce I realized I've crossed a threshold as I was also carrying five pounds of tomatoes, a dozen figs and a basket of candy like cherry orange tomatoes in a clear plastic bag as if it were a Sunday morning in Marin and I always shopped in a skirt and high heels. People left and right were checking out my tomatoes. I returned their smiles up California Street loving the day. Come to find out I had a blue stud like sticker on my upper ear. A co-worker said, "I thought you were getting racy on us."

Stocking up today was a relief after visiting the Ballard market in Washington on Sunday and having to restrain from getting anything beyond blueberries, which I couldn't stop eating. I loved the Ballard market with hillbilly musicians, flourless chocolate torte, the sweetest lavender man anywhere, ever, period and mushrooms straight from an episode of a Saturday night thriller. There was salmon jerky, blackberry honey, worm casting soup. There were funny finger radishes, runny cheeses and for the first time ever at a farmer's market, a belly dancer.

I met a woman from Sustainable Ballard and promised her a mention here about their 100 mile eat local challenge starting tomorrow. Her enthusiasm was contagious, we shared a high five, instant sisters and today I checked out the bay area locavore site to make sure I wasn't missing anything for our September 1, start date and then I started to worry and list all the things I won't be able to eat.

Worry aside, I'm going to watch how Ballard does it. They're leading the way!


Emily said...

We'd better start that huge community garden Trieste is designing so that you can come over and eat to your heart's content. We're going to raise a steer, can you eat that?

Lisa said...

Hey Katrina! I'm Emily's friend and just found your blog from hers. All I want to know is -- where do you do yoga?? :)

Lisa said...

Oooooh, the Yoga Studio is the person that Be Well is trying to sell their studio to. They are much more expensive, and they don't have childcare at any of their other locations....but I'm glad to hear a good report about it!!