I received my first acknowledgement in the blogosphere last week! The cute guy found it this morning while trying to subscribe to the blog with Feedblitz which doesn't seem to be working. Agh. And when it does work the second verification process isn't clear. "Respond to the verification email," I told my mother. "No," she said. "It says my subscription is verified." "I know," I responded. "But you have to respond again to really verify it." "No," she continued. You get the idea. She responded and now is a happy subscriber.

But I got EnviroLove from Amanda at the EnviroBlog for the blog A Drop In The Bucket about signing the Farm Bill petition to support organic farmers! You would think I won an Academy Award. I'm so happy I'm blogging the petition again. If you missed it the first time, here's your second chance to sign on and support organic farming. Be an EnviroLover. It feels good.

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JV said...

ohI beg your pardon miss kaleforsale.
I did not say no that many times and I did get it to work afterall.

You get the picture?????


great pictures and congrat on the mention from enviro.