Local Food Good News

1. The farmer's market at the San Rafael Civic Center on Sunday had as many people upon opening as it did stone fruits.

2. Starbucks gets a gold star for offering organic milk. It's forty cents extra and I forget to ask for it but I'm heartened it's available. Ummm. Unless it's from that other organic producer. I'm leaving it on the list for now. This is an optimistic blog.

3. The Chronicle has a big spread about bay area farmers' markets in the food section today and a list of them on their website with times and locations. There is a link in the title above.

4. Toby's Feed Barn has gone fully solar.

5. Specialty's Bakery Cafe in the SF Financial District is now baking with organic flour. I sent an email of celebration.

6. Mixt Greens which pounds out individually tossed organic salads during the downtown lunch hours has a new location on Sansome between Clay and Sacramento.

7. Smart cars are coming to the US next year which should make parking easier at the overflowing farmer's markets.

8. The Tuesday Ferry Building farmers' market has big raspberry and blackberries baskets, three for $5 from Watsonville. They're unsprayed but not organic and make killer cobblers. (No pun intended.)

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Katrina Davidson said...

This morning I ordered organic milk at Starbuck's for the first time. It wakes up the baristas. The cashier first repeats it to the cup writer in a pay attention voice. The cup writer then shouts it to the steamer who eventually yells it to the entire store when the drink is done. Organic, Orrrganic, Organic! Yes! It's totally worth the extra forty cents and it actually tasted better which was an unexpected surprise.