Community Alliance With Family Farmers

I saw the above organization written up in the food section of the Chronicle this morning. They've put together a "Buy Fresh Buy Local" food guide that lists farms and the vintners, retailers, restaurants and institutions that are using locally grown crops as wells as the organizations that are supporting the movement. The guide can be viewed by county or by putting in your zip code and choosing a radius in ten mile increments.

Reading the names of the farms is entertainment in itself, CowTrack Ranch, Gospel Flat Farm, Creekside Gardens. There's a small write up about each farm - Gospel Flat Farm makes fresh tortillas on site from their homegrown corn in Bolinas. Who would have known?

Where each farm sells their goods is sometimes noted and sometimes not but each entry has an address and phone number. I'm going to call about the tortillas.

And the restaurants! They don't get the blurbs that the farms do but there is an address and phone number for each. I have a new list of places to eat, Priscilla's in Inverness, Table Cafe in Larkspur, The Pine Cone Diner in Point Reyes Station which I already love. There's Marche aux Fleurs in Ross and Caffe Divino in Sausalito. The list goes on.

Lastly, I hope I don't have to visit Marin General or Kaiser Permanente but it is nice knowing they are using local products too.

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