City Arts & Lectures

This feels like blowing a dandelion into the wind but so be it....

There is a great recording on City Arts and Lectures this coming Tuesday night at 8:00 PM on KQED, 88.5, with Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle.

If you don't know them the title above will send you to a link with a short bio on each of them. This is my summation before I realized I could create the link: Michael Pollan wrote the Omnivores Dilemma, a brilliant book about food production, sounds terrible yet is entertaining and illuminating. Marion Nestle recently wrote What To Eat in which she deconstructs every aisle of the grocery store in terms of nutrition, marketing and production. She's a spit fire and presents a lot of information in a very digestible way. They have both received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the James Beard Foundation, teach at Berkeley, Marion as a guest professor.

In the course of their one hour conversation as part of the City Arts and Lectures series, they talk about food of course, organic and local. They talk about the beef industry, the influx of food from China, the Farm Bill and they laugh a lot!

I love them.

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