1 - Going to the Sunday morning farmers' market in the rain. Great parking and easy access at every canopy. Okay, a couple people with umbrellas under the canopies are dangerous but otherwise access is a breeze. And everyone says, thank you for coming out. And means it.

2 - Spooning St. Benoits Meyer Lemon Yogurt straight from the returnable mason jar. The cream at the top is like lemon pudding. But better.

3 - Stopping at the Master Gardeners tomato starts sale in the bank parking lot yesterday. Did she really say they sold 4,000 starts? In three hours?

4 - Eating Rio Zape beans from Rancho Gordo. I don't know why they taste so good, but they do.

5 - Sharing a Marin potato pizza at Picco's with the cute guy and having asparagus cut like confetti added on. The perfect spring pie.

6 - Watching the movie Sweetgrass. Beautiful. Some rough patches. But still beautiful.

7 - Reading a Homemade Life by the popular blogger, Orangette. I ate it up. She is popular for a reason. Smart, funny, young and heartfelt. And so very delicious.

8 - Listening to An Organic Conversation with Helge Hellberg. I liked the first show I downloaded. The second show was better, the third better still and now I'm simply in love with them all.

9 - Having frozen jalapenos to cook with all winter long. And spring.

10 - Using organic cotton produce bags because they feel good and get even softer with age.


Tamara said...

My appreciation:
Reading Kale for Sale...the perfect reminder for me to stop, breathe, and feel gratitude.
Thank you for being!

audrey said...

Frozen jalapenos for winter is a great idea. I'm definitely stealing that one! And I second Tamara's comment about appreciating your lovely words and photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your list and really love the photo also. My favorite on the list? Having jalapenos but if I could try that pizza, then maybe that would be my favorite.

Kale for Sale said...

Tamara - As is your comment. Breathe? Right. Breathe. Thank you. xox

Audrey - I'm happy to share the frozen jalapenos. The young man I buy them from in the fall tells me which are the hot ones, caliente', he says, and smiles with these beautiful dimples. And he's always right. They don't loose a bit of heat in the freezer. Enjoy. And thank you for your nice words.

agrigirl - The photo is inspired by a friend. She'll love your comment. Thank you. And the pizza, if only you could taste it. It tastes like dirt and grass which sounds terrible but it's so not. The first time we ate it was w/my husband's uncle who is in his mid 80's. He said, if food always tasted this good I'd eat more. My husband named the pizza the Don Carlos after him. My tip about the jalapenos is to freeze a few more than you think you'll use, because you'll likely use those too. At least I have. Thanks for the comment. Agrigirl is such a great name.

Donna said...

I've been out of touch for a while (we close on a house next Wed!!!), but I do really enjoy your posts. This was another good one. :)

Kale for Sale said...

Donna - Congratulations on the house. That's such good news. It's lovely to see your smiling face.