The Takeout Queen

I have intelligent friends. The Takeout Queen is high on the list; educated, traveled, driven. A top shelf friend. But sometimes, well, sometimes she surprises me.

"I brought plastic to go containers," she says. "I need to get rid of them. They keep stacking up."

"I'll use a couple," someone replies.

"Take more. I have too many."

"Do you reuse them?" I ask.

"Yeah, I brought them so people could use them."

"I mean do you take them back to the store and reuse them." There's a pause. A pinkening of cheeks. She starts to say something. A half smile appears.

"I can do that?"

"Of course," I tell her. "Just act like you do it all the time."

"Oh." Her smile is on both sides of her red face. "I never thought of that."

She turns around. "Don't take all of the containers," she says into the kitchen. "I want to reuse them at the store."

That's my friend, I think, and I'm smiling too.


Donna said...

Cute. :) Seriously, I didn't know you could do that, either. I thought the restaurant had to put food in new containers by law. But since I've not had a plastic take-out container for as long as I can remember, I guess I've not paid much attention.

Your friend reminds me of a former roommate of mine. When it was time for dinner, she called someone on her list of "dinner friends" and they went out. Every night. Otherwise, she was a very intelligent person. :)

Daphne Gould said...

My husband and I get a few weird looks when we go out to eat. We always bring a couple of containers in with us just in case we have leftovers. The weirdest look I get though is from a Mexican fast food joint. I like their take out because I can get rice and beans with salsa and poblano pesto which I adore (and it isn't terrible for me like most of the fast food around). I get the naked burritos. I first hand them a container to make it in so I won't get their plastic. They always give me the most puzzled looks. First at the container, then at me. They pause a second then start filling it up. I find it really amusing. I've never had to say anything to them there. It is just the pause while they process it in their head what to do.

Takeout Queen said...

Well, I haven't been yet to either of the two stores where I do most of my takeout, but today I ran a whole bunch of errands and brought my own cloth bags to carry everything. This was I will admit inspired by Ms. Kale for Sale. The whole discussion about plastic made me think that I can also avoid picking up paper and plastic bags at any store that I go to, and it felt good to do that today, though I did get some strange looks from people. Thanks, Ktrina, for always inspiring me (and reminding me!) that I can do more to reduce my footprint.

Kelly said...

ms takeout queen has to be congratulated, and Ms. Kale...a fine job!

Kale for Sale said...

Donna & Daphne - I'm feeling a bit shy about this but I honestly hadn't thought of real restaurants but of course I should be bringing something there. Thank you! The Takeout Queen gets prepared food from Whole Foods or other places with counters of cooked food to go. All naturally packaged in plastic containers to specification.

Takeout Queen - You probably got strange looks because you're cute! (Thanks for being my inspiration.)

Kel - Yes, bunches of kale to the Takeout Queen. (I like the new picture.)

Stefaneener said...

It takes a special king of being a grown up to hear, process, and then act on new information. Good for both of you!!

Now I have to start making yogurt again to use up all those quart containers. Tomatoes are long since planted out.

Kale for Sale said...

Stefaneener - You're right, the Takeout Queen is a special kind of person. And that she lets me write about her is even better. Thanks for leaving a comment.