Plum Petals

I've been watching the white petals of the tree next door scatter on the walkway to our home. They make me think of weddings, naturally of spring but mostly of the plums I picked last summer. I wonder what the harvest will bring this year.

Will l be able to taste the petals in the fruit or this misty rain weekend? I wonder if the fence between neighbors will define a taste, the way it's warped, crooked in places, or if the plums will only taste of the sun, the bees that picnic in our yards and the black cat that makes a play ground of fences, trees and arbors.

Did the February storms tattoo the pits we'll find inside or have the flock of dark breasted brown birds picked away everything from the trees that ever hoped of becoming a fruit?

All I can do for now though, is wonder.


Green Bean said...

Beautiful! I too love the plum petals. They scatter down with the breeze like rice at a wedding. So wonderful.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to go to your blog looking for inspiration....and then to find it!

knutty knitter said...

no plums :( only a mountain of apples to work through. And a view of autumn leaves going slowly red and gold.

viv in nz

Kale for Sale said...

Scattered rice, found things and autumn leaves - my favorite things this evening. Thank you.