Kyocera Knife

I'm not one for fancy kitchen gadgets but the cute guy and I received a new Knife for Christmas that has changed my kitchen life. We have an average assortment of knives that previously got the job done but now, now I'm an artist.

Three nights ago the Kyocera Knife cut effortlessly through a butternut squash; a job that used to involve stabbing said squash, whacking it against the counter with eyes half shut and then cleaning up the seeds planted about the kitchen. (The Knife actually cut out some of the excitement as I think about it.)

Last night I made dimes from a frozen jalapeno I added to a pot of beans. I couldn't stop smiling. And for the first time in my life I cut thin slices of sourdough with no tearing. The possibilities are endless.

We're eating carrot sticks because they're easy to make. I topped a salad with apple slices thin as a ten dollar bill. I stand in the kitchen and cut things simply because I can; because I have the Knife. Walnuts, dates, roasted chicken, onions, cilantro and I've not cut myself once.

I reach for a potato in the bottom drawer with visitors. "Cut this," I say, handing them the knife wishing I had two so I could be slicing au gratin too.

My best friend in the kitchen used to be an impossible smooth can opener, also a gift. I miss the fast and easy charm it offered but eating local means produce and produce means preparation, which elevates the status of a good knife. I don't know how I've made it this long without one. The Knife is definitely my new best friend in the kitchen.

Do you have a best friend in the kitchen?


Kelly said...

i dont know about the knife or the friend, but that picture is just stunning. Its so impressionistic, brush strokes are almost visible! its beautiful.

ummm, i'd have to say my daughter, she makes the bread.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lucky are you to receive a nice knife like that! I guess our favorite kitchen tool is also a good sharp knife and a good solid cutting board. Although right now, early in the morning, I'm going to have to say that the coffee maker is soon to be my best friend.

Green Bean said...

Not sure. My cutting board, I guess. It's bamboo. I've had it for ages. I use it every day - many times a day.

Donna said...

Don't really have a favorite, although when I bought my lemon zester (after I learned there was such a thing!) it was my favorite for a while. No more grated fingers.

I'm asking for one of those knives for my birthday!

Jenn said...

A bit cheaper but totally stellar is my Damascus steel, Japanese Kansui Dojo Chef's Knife - Aogami Gyuto Hocho - 7 1/2 in.with a beautiful quilted pattern. I got the paring knife for xmas, too.

I'm totally enamored of my Kitchen Aid, esp with the pasta roller attachment. I'm using my Breville Juice fountain more now that I realize that the pulp from juicing carrots and beets can be used in flaxseed crackers (I promise a post, soon!).

I just hate my kitchen.

But all you need is ONE really good knife - esp if you are a vegetarian - with a nice thin blade that keeps a sharp edge longer than the big ole German knives (I do have a full set of very spendy Henckels).

Theresa said...

Ah, that knife sounds perfect...

I too have a set of Henckels, which are nice the first few times but do lose their edge quickly.

Probably my glass mixing bowls are my best kitchen friends at the moment. Oh, and my garlic press.

Kale for Sale said...

Kel - That's the best - that your daughter is your best kitchen friend, with or without the bread. Thanks.

Kendra - Coffee is the best morning friend at my house, well mostly my office, too.

Green Bean - I've got a bamboo cutting board too that is definitely part of the family.

Donna - I still don't know about lemon zesters but I'm intrigued. Let me know if you get one of the Knife.

Jenn - You're awesome! Of course you would use the juicing pulp for crackers. Yes, I'll watch for the post. And I wish I could wave a wand on your kitchen.

Theresa - Bowls are the best holders of stories too and easy pieces of art. I love them too.

Jenn said...

My kitchen needs more than a magic wand - it needs a house extension! I'd love to re-do this apartment - I have one cramped bedroom and a second bedroom which is 8" x 10" - if I could remove the wall between the bedrooms, and move the kitchen/big bedroom wall back 5', I could have an island to work on and would still have ... no, wait, I would not have any storage.


I need to move one day. After I pay off my student loans in July, I hope to be saving up for one of these crazy sub $200K bank sales... :)

Anonymous said...

Love the comparison of the knife to the can opener...lovely...working your magic with words as always!

Sam said...

I hadn't heard of Kyocera until I had a job interview with them. So while researching the company I found they manufactured all these nifty goodies. I like the fact that they are light (well so the website claims) than a wustoff (which I have) and effective.

I recently purchased a knife sharpener from Target. The knife is so much more effective now. So that is my favorite tool.

Re: the job, I didn't like the company location (middle of nowhere that required automobile to get to as public transit dumped me far away from the place).

Sam said...

O I love my oxo can opener. Its like the one you describe - opens a nice smooth opening.

Doyu Shonin said...

I have a Chinese cleaver, with a beveled edge (sharpen on one side only). I like about it that whenever I am dicing up stuff I can scoop the bits onto the blade, as if shoveling them, and then turn it upside down over the steamer or whatever, in one swooping action. I love to stand at the cutting board making stuff from things I have grown.

Kale for Sale said...

jenn - I need to move one day too; to a place with room for a garden. In the meantime though we make due nicely.

tamara - I love it when you leave a comment! (I can't wait to see you on Sunday.)

beany - It's good to see your thinking mug. I'm glad to hear the Kyoceras are made in the US. I assumed they came from somewhere else. I take public transport to work and am so appreciative I don't have to drive. I can understand your not wanting a job far away.

risa - I'm envious. Cooking from my own garden is a dream. ... and then I will get a Chinese cleaver too. Thank you for the image. It's like a ballet.

Sam said...

Actually I'm not sure if the knives are made in the U.S. The place I interviewed at made semi conductors. Each "branch" is an independent unit of the parent company. The company is Japanese and are committed to sustainable business practices.

Anonymous said...

I have heard others wax poetic about a good knife too. I may just have to get one. Or at least get mine sharpened. For me it's the Le Creuset pots and two cast iron pans ($9, Target, years ago) that are my kitchen joy.

Kale for Sale said...

audrey - I just started using my Le Creuset pot on the stove top for beans. It cooked pinto beans in an hour and a half. It was crazy and delicious. Yes, kitchen joy.

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