More Food Democracy Now!

The Ethicurean was the first I saw to post it.

Green Bean explained it beautifully.

Donna and the farmers' daughter signed it.

The Yale Sustainable Food Project posted about what you can do.

Green with Envy, Riddled with Guilt pasted it right on their blog. And Groovy Green is all over it too.

Nebraskans for Peace are supporting it and so is the sustainable farmer.

Slow Food LA is on it as is the Local Food Research Project.

Culinate the food people, wrote about it too.

Now it's your turn.

Sign it.

Send it to friends. Shit, send it to people you don't like. Who cares.

Post about it on your blog.

Talk about it.

Please do it now.

12/14/08 Update: There are currently 40,000 signatures on the petition. Please consider passing the petition on to friends and family, linking it on the bottom of your emails or posting it on your blog if you have one. We have a rare and beautiful window to let our voices for change be heard in the arena of food policy. Let's celebrate it and tell everyone we know.

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