Sustainable Seafood Sushi Guide

I've been wanting to post the new Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch sustainable seafood guide for sushi for awhile. Say that five times fast! Finally here it is.

It's interesting to note that many of the items on the Best Choice list are farmed. What happened to the wild sources?

There's eye candy information on the aquarium's website about trying new flavors. Be daring, they write, explore new flavors.

I've avoided sushi since reading Bottomfeeder, How To Eat Ethically In A World Of Vanishing Seafood. But with the guide I'm going back informed. At least to give something new a try.

Smelt roe, giant clam or Canadian sea urchin anyone?


Chile said...

Back in my days of eating non-veg sushi, we had a favorite hole-in-the-wall place with a great Japanese chef. We were regulars and soon learned to trust him. We'd just eat whatever he gave us. That is, until he decided we should try sea urchin. Silence descended upon the small restaurant as all the other regulars at the bar held their breath waiting to see our reaction.

I don't know what kind of face I made, but they all started laughing. Luckily, my husband liked it okay and ate the rest of mine. Fried shrimp head I can deal with. Mushy disgusting urchin, it's all yours.

Anonymous said...

I tried urchin once and didn't love it either but must admit that well into my adult years there are things I didn't enjoy the first time but have come to loved since. You can still teach this old dog new tricks. That "green" list made my mouth water.

Green Bean said...

That's the upside of eating veg. The California rolls are always ok. :P But seriously, I need to check out the list for what my husband eats. Thanks for posting it.

Kale for Sale said...

chile - It sounds like sea urchin would test my I-can-eat-anything-dipped-in-wasabi-and-soy-sauce theory. But hey, you survived!

audrey - Thank you for your enthusiasm. I needed it.

green bean - For what it's worth the Muse gave her husband a pocket guide to carry. And he's pulling it out at the sushi bar and restaurants. One person and one fish at a time. I'll have to ask if he's tried the sea urchin.

Anonymous said... that a cross-section of fennel I see?

Now, I wonder if fennel sushi might be a good idea...

BerryBird said...

Thanks for the reminder to grab the 2008 updates. The version I am using is a tad out of date.

Kale for Sale said...

berrybird - My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.