Pass It On

The forget me nots are for Chile who started a declutter challenge last week that in a weak moment I signed on for. But what the hell does that have to do with eating local food, I keep asking myself?

This is my reasoning -

I've broken the strap on my big black city purse and had it repaired twice because I fill it with farmers' market food and it's already heavy with too much purse stuff. I can fit half a dozen oranges, half a pound of Blue Bottle coffee, a bunch of carrots with their tops intact, a pound of almonds and a bunch of asparagus on top of a library of reading materials and my camera and I'm still chic returning to the office. The purse needs to be decluttered.

And I'm going to can this summer. I don't know how but that doesn't matter. What matters is the pantry shelves are full. With stuff. It's got to go to make room.

Which leads to the kitchen cupboards that are full with a lot of kitchen stuff that I needed when I didn't cook. Now that I cook I need some different stuff, primarily some room to put stuff.

But I can't throw any of it away. Right? I've got to find the perfect home for it, all that pretty cluttery stuff.

For years I've been saving a stack of chipped fiesta ware plates for someone who does mosaics. I pictured a pastel bird bath, matching pots. Does anyone do that anymore? I doubt it.

Avoiding the kitchen I have however passed on a bag of books to the local meditation center that sends them to the Insight Prison Project. It's a start.

My long standing way to get rid of items I no longer need is to put them on the sidewalk in a brown bag with FREE written really big on it. I put the bag out early in the morning and it's generally gone by noon. Sometimes one item goes at a time, other times the entire bag at once. I never put out more than one lightly filled bag though. Sidewalk merchandising, I suppose, but then it's not junk and I don't want to put it out there like it is.

My hope is that the next person who gets the stuff can share the appreciation I had or simply have their own. And if not, that they pass it on too.


valereee said...

Freecycle that stuff! I know people =are= still making mosaics with chipped china because I made one a couple of years ago at camp with my daughter. And I got rid of a bunch of slightly-chipped plates by putting them on freecycle -- the woman who took them all uses them as pretty no-need-to-return plates when she gives away baked goods. She puts a piece of masking tape on the bottom that says 'don't return this -- pass it on next time you bake for someone!'

Chile said...

I agree with Valereee.
I made a rhyme. Could that be?
List that broken pottery.
Someone wants it, just you see.

Now, let's deal with your full purse.
Do you want to see the nurse?
Your joints say, "Please spare the burs..."
"...a; the weight's too much!" They curse.

Tasty local food is great.
Get two bags - a mate for mate.
Clean the kitchen, don't you wait.
Jars won't meet a messy fate.

JV said...

Miss Kale
Oh No not the fiesta ware, it has been who you are for so long, but now that you are renewing yourself, I think it is a great idea. Passing on makes room for new. Its exciting and WE know the outcome of NOT passing on, so go for it......

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you are going to need clear, uncluttered counterspace for the billions of zucchini and tomatoes that you'll be harvesting in a few months!

I'm not part of the decluttering challenge, but I did just take three full bags, plus that dual tape deck/five cd changer mammoth stereo I've been hoarding for over a decade to the thrift store drop off today. It felt good to get rid of it.

Green Bean said...

It feels so good, doesn't it, to let go of stuff we've held on to for so long but never really needed or used? Before freecycle, I used to do the FREE sign all the time. It rocks! So nice to purge without leaving home.

Kale for Sale said...

valereee - I signed on to the local freecycle yesterday. Thanks!

chile - LOL - Your spoof makes me think you're a goof.

JV aka Mom - Don't get excited. I'm only giving away the chipped fiesta ware. xox

Kendra - Given my yard I'll only be harvesting from the farmers' markets but that takes room too. And you reminded me that we have some old stereo pieces someone could be using too. Thanks.

green bean - I hadn't thought of that but yes, the sidewalk free bag is perfect in that you don't even have to take the stuff someplace. I should put one out now. Gotta go.

Chile said...

It just makes me furious,
that you don't think I'm serious!

Aw, you know I'm just kidding.
I'll do whatever your bidding.

Help me! Once I start rhyming,
I'm always counting the timing.

I'll slink away silently,
lest you delete me violently.

Anonymous said...

Your photo is enchanting..what beauty! It just stopped me in my tracks when I saw it...
A little gift on a Sunday afternoon..Thanks.

Kale for Sale said...

judy -I'll pass your comment on to the cute guy. This is one of two photos I've used of his.