Greening The Marin Farmers' Market

Sunday was BYOB day at the Civic Center Market and the market did a great job - the vendors all had brown bags. The only plastic I saw was reused, which people carried with them from home.

The market was giving away canvas bags and the Green Sangha, was giving away for a donation, cotton net produce bags.

It almost felt wrong putting a bunch of dusty radishes and damp cilantro into a clean net bag. Free plastic bags off the roll I used to throw away, but now I've got beautiful bags that cost money. I want to keep them pristine.

I'm getting over it, slowly, but new habits take time, I keep reminding myself.

Another group that included the West Marin farmer at Paradise Valley Produce, had made and were actually making on the spot, produce bags from second hand t-shirts. The beauty of the bags were the labels kids had decorated that were stitched onto the front.

One woman had a soft sided basket with handles that she carefully laid her produce in with no bags at all. "This is how we did it as I was growing up," she said and ran off.

"I put everything in tupperware once I get home," a man said as he filled a brown bag with lettuce.

I whipped out a green bio bag and grabbed some lettuce too. "These are the bags to get," the farmer said pointing towards me.

I was trying to not let the wet greens stick to the side of the bag and have this green limelight moment turn into a plastic wrap debacle. No such luck.

The bio bags stretch when they come in contact with water taking on a strange consistency. The lettuce fell out of the bag, I went after it, the canvas bag with eggs, roots and broccoli on my shoulder hurled itself south. I couldn't untangle my left hand from the bio bag. I smiled. They politely looked away.

Along with plastic bags the market seemed to have also banned plastic boxes. I didn't see a one.

There were however a lot of people and even though that made parking a chore we were all pretty nice about it. And being nice to my neighbors is probably the most important greening I can do. Even when they do take the last damn parking space.


Donna said...

Hi Katrina,
Well you will just have to get a motor scooter. You can park anywhere. I'm seriously thinking about seeing if Christy wants to sell hers. After returning from Italy where everyone rides one or some tiny makes sense. But the best news is that I had made such a fuss at work for not recycling, that when I got home we now have a HUGE bin in the OR for step in the right direction. I loved your "Why Bother" blog. You are still my favorite Rock Star.
Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia - How'd you know I wanted a motor scooter? I'm turning over my air guitar to you though - recycling in the OR - that's star quality fuss you made! Yes! Welcome home. xoxoxo

Theresa said...

Your writing inspires such great visuals!

I have a couple of those reusable net bags, and they wash up well when the time comes.

Kale for Sale said...

theresa - Thanks (x2). What's funny is it's taking longer than expected to get the hang of pulling the net bags out of my canvas bag. I instinctively reach for the plastic. They are reused plastic bags I'm carrying, but still. Old habits die hard.