Shrimp Suck

I love people that can make a point, a big point, in seven words or less. Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle can do it. And so can Wallace J. Nichols who the cute guy and I heard speak on Sunday.

WJN is an ocean conservationist, scientist, reasearcher, father of daughters, comedian, photographer, educator, activist and one heck of a public speaker. And even if he weren't so entertaining and interesting we could have sat and simply looked at him.

WJN caught sea turtles when he was a kid in Maine and is still catching them, but now he's doing it to bring attention to the ocean.

First he invoked the seas beauty. And how can you not fall hopelessly in love with a giant sea turtle named Adelita swimming in a bath of shattering blue water at turtle speed from Baja to Japan.

With our hearts the size of Baja he then showed pictures of piles of fish netted and discarded in order to catch a few shrimp and the destruction by shrimp farms to the ocean's shores. He showed us pictures of plastics found in the stomach of a sea turtle. The visuals were startling. We had no idea.

After that he told us how we could help sustain a healthy ocean; in seven short words.

Less in. Less out. Protect the edge.

That sounds doable.

He also gave out bumper stickers. If you see me, honk.


Olivia said...

OK, so now I will never buy or eat another shrimp and WJN is my new screen saver. Thank you SSIL. You and the cute guy have so much fun...see you next month.
Love, Olivia

Kale for Sale said...

Olivia - LOL! Did you really use him as a screen saver? That's brilliant.

Olivia said...

YES! And now the giant sea turtle is my favorite animal. Can't wait to see you and the cute guy. said...

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