Day One

Other than becoming dehydrated on the boat because I didn't have my glasses to read the source on 35 different types of bottled water except for the square Fuji, which I knew I didn't want, the first day of eating local was good and I swear I won't forget to fill my water bottle before I leave the house again.

Even the cute guy liked the potato salad without the mayo I made for our picnic with a group of the kids and while I wanted to eat blue chips with his oldest granddaughter's, the Katrina kids as I call them, after we made local salsa, I settled for mixed greens with arugula and it was delicious.

The daughter-in-law with the most kids offered me her cookbook from the Little House On The Prairie and I accepted. Those people had to know what they were doing.

A friend has nearly committed to eating only local fruit for the month - read no bananas.

EL has inspired me to make mayo and I cried at the last song of High School Musical watching the girls dance along and singing, "We are all in this together."

Eating local or not, tap water or bottled, on dry land or on the bay, they're right, we Are all in this together.

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Emily said...

After having spent the day with you yesterday, I got to wondering how, exactly, I could make just one meal w/in the 100 miles. It got to some creative thinking and Dustin's exaggerated sighs at my increasingly enthusiastic remarks. At any rate...I think Dustin's ready to eat the rooster...he doesn't appreciate the four in the morning wake-up call. If we do, however, we'll give you a call--what could be better than free range-in-our-backyard chicken?
Glad you're enjoying the girls.