A Drop In The Bucket

I'm always signing petitions on line these days related to the Farm Bill which is being overhauled this year. The bill is a massive piece of legislation that many with a lot more knowledge than I have suggested should be called the Food Bill so it could get the attention it deserves as it affects everybody who eats.

The majority of dollars are allocated every five years to subsidize commodity crops such as corn, soy and cotton instead of food crops, all of which is lobbied by big corporations that have the most to gain. And I doubt that we'll see significant change in this Farm Bill but I think we can make a difference, that we can start the ball rolling the other way. Already organic farming has become one of the fastest growing markets.

The title above is a link to the Environmental Working Group petition that I signed today asking Congress to support organic farming in this years Farm Bill.

It's a drop in the bucket but it's a place to start.

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