I've had the same conversation twice this week. First with my mother on the phone and then with the Muse over dinner; over a hot bowl of kale and potato soup.

First we talked about voting with our forks, the usual conversation I have with either of them, but then both times, the conversation wound it's way to the idea of how we have other choices too, choices to vote with our purse. Not buying something new but in places where we're already spending money and where a different choice might exist.

I thought the Muse was going to hit the table with her fist as we went on about it. She got that let's make change kind of a look. And then cleaned her bowl of soup with the last bite of bread. First things first - food and then change.

Mom didn't hit her fist on anything, not that I could hear anyway, but I could tell, she had her fist in the air with that let's-do-it-gesture too.

This is what I did. This is for my Mom and the Muse.

I applied for and received a SALMON NATION Visa card. It has a big red jumping, I swear it's smiling, salmon on the front and bigger blocked letters spelling out SALMON NATION.

It's not a huge change, it took all of five minutes to print, fill out and fax back the application, but really, those are the changes that work best for me. Five minute changes. My best changes have all been small but that's why they last. I hardly notice them.

A percentage of income from the SALMON NATION Visa card goes to Ecotrust to help grow a SALMON NATION. And honestly, I don't know the due diligence of that equation, but I'd rather have even a penny go to SALMON NATION and support communities working together to improve watersheds than have the same penny go to a Bank of something. Plus it feels good to pull the bright red salmon from my purse and hand it over.

As good as kale and potato soup.


Melinda said...

:) Katrina rocks. What a fabulous change - all the little changes do add up, I firmly believe that these are the changes that will save the world.

And I miss kumquats. I can't get them up here...

Kumi said...

Great idea! Love these ideas that make doing good effortless. :-)

Kale for Sale said...

Melinda - You're so funny. I thought you would already have one of these cards. I have a kumquat tree, it's three years old and I've got a total of three kumquats off it in that time. But I remain hopeful and buy them at the farmers' market in the meantime.

Kumi - If only housecleaning were effortless too.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Katrina - Over at the Green Phone Booth, we're looking for some guest posters. Might you be interested? I can't find any contact info for you, so please email me at consciousshopperblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Green Bean said...

Yeah! We have a Salmon Nation card too. LOVE IT!

Kale for Sale said...

Green Bean - I saw your note and thought, of course, green bean would have a Salmon Nation visa. It just makes sense and somehow knowing you have one too makes me happy. Thank you for telling me.