To Go Ware

This afternoon I got on the elevator with a woman from a higher floor. She was a professional with black boots, a button up coat and smartly tied scarf. And along with her leather bag she was carrying a three tier stainless steel food carrier. It was the first thing I noticed.

I know the rule about not talking on the elevator but I couldn't help myself. I smiled. "Do you like your food carrier?"

There was no hesitation. "Yes."

I stifled a cheer.

Does it hold soup?"

"No." My disappointment must have showed. "You could put soup in a container and then put it in there," she offered, giving the carrier a swing as the the elevator doors opened to the lobby.

Not a great solution but my enthusiasm would not be flattened.

"Will restaurants or food counters put food in it to go?"

"I haven't tried yet," she said following me out of the building, turning to walk down California Street.

I wanted to stop her, to suggest that we go to the nearest food counter right then and ask, "Would you please put my salad in here?"

But I went the opposite direction. And then I turned to take another look. This was the first tiered food carrier I'd seen in the city which is an endless parade of plastic in plastic. The stainless steel stood out but didn't flash. It had good lines deserving of a second look.

And for a minute, cable car bells ringing, I didn't see the plastic in plastic that is the norm. And I was happy.


merrilymerrily said...

Hey there - I think you'll find it's called a tiffin and a lot of Indian places around us have them. In my experience once shop keepers have given you that first funny look they're quite willing to use clean containers.

Daphne said...

I bring a container for togo food all the time. Occasionally they look at me funny when I hand it to them, but I've never had one turn me down. They will all use it instead of their own plastic. Some of the workers just love that you bring it. They understand why you do it and cheer you on.

Chile said...

When I found out that CostPlus food imports sells the 3-tier tiffin for $9.95, I went and bought two. I've taken them with me several times hoping for leftovers but we've always eaten all the food. I haven't tried taking it in for take-out yet. I don't think pizza would fit... ;-)

Bea said...

Often they will fill it up and you'll get more food. One girl at a farmers market even asked me if she could take photos of her food in my tiffin because it "looked so much better"

Kale for Sale said...

merrilyx2 - Tiffin is a much nicer name then the long ole title I used. Many thanks. It sounds like a saucy bird or a splash of tea. A tiffin. I want one.

Daphne - It's always good to be cheered along. As your comment has cheered me along. Thank you.

Chile - Good deal on the tiiffins. I wonder if the pizza place would let you reuse the pizza box? I mean, it would have to be clean and all but if it was your box. Well, I'm just saying put a napkin down or something. We eat our pizza there and like you no leftovers. But I'd reuse the box. I suspect you would too.

Bea - You got it. Those tiffins are good looking. I bet your food look terrific. Thanks for the comment. I often feel like I get more coffee when I bring my own cup too. I don't know if I really do but it's nice to think so. Like with your tiffin.

Kelly said...

bento boxes are a gorgeous to go item too. lovely story-made me smile

Tracee said...