The Green Police

"It's criminal," I said. "People go to Walgreens, buy an item encased in plastic, the cashier puts it in a plastic bag, they walk back to the office, a block and a half and then throw the bag away." I couldn't stop.

"They use the bag for less than five minutes and it will be in the landfill for thousands of years and this is the world we're leaving our children."

He smiled. I smiled back with a polite reflex.

"Did you see the Super Bowl commercial," he asked. "The Green Police?"

"I don't have a television," I answered.

"You don't have a tele...." He didn't finish the sentence. "You sound like the Green Police."

"I know," I said sitting down. I didn't need a commercial to tell me that. There was no place to hide.

"I'll send it to you."

Here it is; the Green Police. You've got to check out Plastic Boy.

All I need is a badge, my bicycle helmet and with a pair of green shorts I'm there, which is as funny as it isn't.


Simon said...

hehe. made me smile, but really, who needs a TV when youve got the webs! i think TV is slowly being superceded by another screen!

Kelly said...

oops. that was me above!

Kale for Sale said...

Kelly - You got it. There's more entertainment and information on this screen for three lifetimes! And it folds up and puts away so nicely too. I love that.