A Few Of My Favorite Things

Wrinkled heads of new cabbage chopped into cabbage salad with celery salt and carrots in nickels and dimes.

Cold mornings at the farmers market when the egg lady slips a dozen eggs into my canvas bag. "I feel like a drug dealer," she whispers. "Don't let anyone see them. "

The San Anselmo community garden watching flocks of reggae sounding wild birds eat the remaining high hanging persimmons.

Learning that brown sugar is a mixture of molasses and regular sugar and that I can make my own.

Receiving a homemade t-shirt with Chicken Plucker quilted across it.

It's already a good year.


risa said...

What, no whiskers on kittens, no brown paper packages tied up with string?

I'll be carrying around those feathered persimmon-eating musicians in my head all day. Thanks!

Tamara said...

A few of my favorite things...
reading Katrina's blog,
savoring the accompanying photos,
eating up the haikus....
a good year, indeed!

kale for sale said...

Risa - Yes, there was a brown paper package tied up with string and a friend who sang me the song. The thanks go to you for that.

Tamara - And a good appetite to all. xoxo