Party Food

I dangled carrots this weekend. Not actually dangled but served a big basket of scrubbed plain old carrots pulled from a wrinkled canvas bag at the cute guy's birthday gathering. There was a long moment of toying with leaving the hairy roots on the bottom but the moment passed, the tops and tips came off and onto the table they went.

Derek used them as horns in a group shot, resorting to eating them as the shooting took longer.

Arthur had carrots in his pocket. "For my sisters," he said.

Jacob fed the tops to the chickens.

Dustin looked surprised. "Good carrot," he said and took another.

Then the conversation moved from carrots to summer gardens and grass fed beef; completely unprompted by me. Well, unless you count the basket of sweet local carrots. But I didn't say a word. Honest. I simply listened and smiled.

And the food spoke for itself.


Sarah said...

Lovely picture and it sounds like it was a lovely gathering.

Kel said...

yippee! score 1 to kale for subverise vegetable behaviour. Cute shoes, cute shot.

Donna said...

I love it. :)

kale for sale said...

Sarah - Thank you. Yes, it was a good gathering. Even after the carrots were gone.

Kel - I've always wanted to be a subversive!

Donna - It's good to see your smiling face.

Emily said...

They were like candy. Thanks for bringing them.

Green Bean said...

The right kind of food doesn't that, doesn't it?