Carrot Water

I've been watering the dogwood tree with carrot water. And potato water, and beet water, spinach water and radish water. Apparently it loves it. This is the first year the tree is full with blossoms and I'm crazy about them.

Northern California is not prime dogwood country although I know where a dozen live in the neighborhoods. Each one with museum quality blossoms and likely without my prescription of vegetable water.

I'm playing at saving water. It's not mandatory yet, but why wait. Instead of running an endless stream to clean root vegetables, I soak them. And all that organic dirt they have stuck to their skins goes to water the dogwood or the kumquat tree, the mint or my favorite iceland rose.

I used to delight in buying carrot nubs in plastic bags that required no washing or a simple rinse. They were so convenient I overlooked the fact that they resembled carrots more than tasted like carrots.

Now I buy them plastic free, just pulled with tops attached and dropped in a canvas bag, dirt and all. The worms eat the tops, the trees soak in the dirty water and we eat them like candy. Nothing wasted.

Scientifically the vegetable water probably contributes not a darn thing to the garden but the tending that happens in the process - it's good food for us all. And it saves water.


Kel said...

yup. besides our 'carrot' water, hot water bottle water, beanboy bath water and all get saved for a good flooding of the beans n peas. its all that love n mutual admiration back to the source that does it im sure!

Green Bean said...

Cute! We're playing at saving water too. Speaking of which, I'm going to go dump some asparagus water on the orange tree. I'll report in next winter. :)

Audrey said...

I do that too. Maybe it doesn't make a huge difference, but my plants seem to kind of like it.

JessTrev said...

Nice idea! We save our water but I also like the beauty of making the whole process less work (soaking, not scrubbing).

kale for sale said...

Kel - It's surely the love. There's nothing better. You guys, Australia that is, is surely better at saving water than we are. I think we need to look your way for ideas and inspiration.

Green Bean - It's good to hear your voice. I hope you're getting in lots of play. With water and not.

Audrey - It's all those little differences that make a garden special though. That give it character.

Jess Trev - I'm always up for less work too. I only started soaking carrots because I'd tossed a bunch in the fridge drawer and they'd turned limp after a bunch of days and I wanted to revive them. Soaking worked and now I soak them out of routine.

Kel said...

i must say i was surprised when my neice who lives in Oakland was struggling to find a dual flush toilet- they are compulsory here in new homes and almost everyone has them if the loo is under 20 years old. we just suggested she stick a brick or two in the cistern. no choice but to use less!

Andree said...

I'll have to try that on my dogwood! It gets the coffee grounds currently, but maybe the carrot water will do the trick. :)
You might like this blogpost my coworker did about the history of carrots, and how it came to be that we like the orange ones...

kale for sale said...

Kel - But where to find a brick these days?!

Andree - Really? Coffee grounds on the dog wood? Do you dig them under the dirt or just broadcast them around the trunk?

The carrot history post is terrific. So are the pictures. Thank you!

Lucy said...

Excellent beginnings.

Our city's damn is at less than 30% full, and each summer it drops to less than 20%. When I see water disappearing down a drain, I feel remarkably unwell. We have to save water in a continent as dry as ours. She's only getting drier, poor old lady, under our rather wasteful watch.

So lovely to come and rootle around your pages, Katrina. I've been so busy...though that's hardly an excuse. It's always a pleasure to read your erudite and gentle thoughts. May spring be delightful. And packed to the gills with asparagus-related joy!