Plankton, Potatoes and Plastic Oh My!

I'm creating monsters. First there was the Muse telling a friend she couldn't order the farmed salmon. Now it's the Blond telling everyone they should be using cotton and mesh produce bags instead of plastic. She can actually quote the ratio of plankton to plastic in the Pacific gyre from nearly two weeks ago at the talk by the couple from the Algarita Marine Research Center. (My jaw dropped.)

I work at being subtle about these things. I smile, breathe, laugh. Turn blue. Start again. I share stories, provide information, refer to experience. These ladies armed with information, "Education works," the Blond said, are slamming down the law though. They get away with saying words like can't and should. Words I step back from.

The Blond took her new cotton produce bags to a shopping center farmers' market today and called me tonight. "I asked the guy selling the potatoes what kind they were. He couldn't tell me." Had she been standing up instead of in her car she would have been kicking dirt. "Do you know who runs that market?" she asked.

I didn't laugh out loud or miss a single beat. "No one," I told her. "It's a shopping mall. Think about it." But I wanted to jump up and down that she suddenly cared about the variety of food she was buying.

"I think they're selling food from the grocery store," she continued.

I did laugh then though, because she cared about where her food came from. I've been talking about local food until I'm orange and violet, sienna and cotton candy in the face and it never phased her. But put enough plastic in the ocean that it outnumbers the plankton and where her potatoes come from becomes an issue.

I don't understand how that connection works exactly but I'm glad it does. And really everything is connected. Right?


JessTrev said...

That's so funny - it *is* fascinating how all of a sudden we really hear something or really start being able to care about something. Good thing you're still talking! One day if I am in the right mood to listen you will change my life. Thanks for writing.

Donna said...

Pretty funny. :) Sounds like you made a new convert!

kale for sale said...

jesstrev - The funny thing is I don't listen to anybody. Well hardly anyone so why in the world anyone would listen to me is beyond reason. But I keep talking. Thanks for stopping by.

donna - A monster convert at that. We'll see how it goes though. First blushes don't always last.

audrey said...

Great story. It is nice to see that light go on.
I am in your neck of the woods right now eating all sorts of amazing local and organic food. Yum.

jenny said...

Hi Katrina,

Just happened upon your blog (thanks to CUESA!) and really like it! Your part of california is one of my favorites and though I don't live there anymore, I very much enjoy reading about it. I will link your blog to mine, in fact!

cheers from your neighbor down south,

kale for sale said...

jenny@rooting for fruit - What a great name. The CUESA newsletter is a good one, isn't it? I know all of California is beautiful but I'm with you, Northern California has it's own place in my heart.

Thanks for the link. Neighbor.

kale for sale said...

audrey - (I almost missed you there.) I hope you let me know or write a blog about about what you're finding. It sounds like you're having a good time. I'm glad. But then you're always eating pretty good!

Lucy said...

Love it - how wonderful that people can, indeed, listen. Clearly it's abut finding what works for each individual...

Beter keep talking. We all had.