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My bags are packed. I have dried apricots and almonds packed for the plane in reused plastic bags I bought before I joined the plastic posse at Fake Plastic Fish. I'll add a sliced apple before I walk out the door and figure out what my plastic alternatives are when I get home. Waxed bags? Are those better?

While I'm away check out the a year of eating locally feature in the CUESA newsletter. It's me. While you're there sign up for the newsletter. It's year round and always has good goings on, not to mention seasonal recipes by a variety of San Francisco's best chefs, farmers and all around good cooks.

For more good reading check out bloggers in other parts of the world participating in the Eat Local Challenge this month. Finland. Belgium. Sweden. The word is spreading.

And for a good laugh about the challenge catch up on Food on the Food, a locavore with kids. She's wild. But she can cook too.

I'll be back in time to vote with fingers crossed that there will be a strawberries and tomatoes still on the market. But if not I'll find something just as good.

Be well.


Donna said...

Nice post for CUESA! But I'm afraid my favorite link you included is the Food on the Food blog because of one little phrase: "my precious." She cracked me up!

I'm so glad to know that the challenge finally posted the list of blogs. I guess that means I better start writing my "eat local" posts again, though!

audrey said...

Great article for the CUESA newsletter! I think we're doing about 90% local too. It's easier to do when those are the only ingredients around.

You know, I brought a little bag of dried plums for my trip to San Francisco. Just in case I got hungry.

Anonymous said...

Good for you bringing your own food on the plane. Do you have your empty water bottle to fill up at the water fountain after you go through security?

Green Bean said...

Have a safe trip. I predict a couple more weeks of strawberries and possibly another week or two of pomegranates. Tomatoes? I'm not holding my breath.

Going Crunchy said...

Have a good trip! Shannon

kale for sale said...

donna - That line was my favorite too. I'm so glad you found it because I didn't want to be so obvious as to point it out.

audrey - Thanks. I bet you didn't touch the dried plums while you were here. I brought my dried fruit and most of the almonds home too. The woman at customs laughed at me.

fake plastic fish - I had my empty water bottle but i forgot to fill it. I did however think of you every time I had a plastic bottle of water. I just don't know how to get around that when traveling. The best I could do was to not waste any of the bottled water.

green bean - I was able to buy tomatoes at the market yesterday. They were treasure I locked in the car before I finished the rest of my shopping. And delicious. Did I say that? They were delicious.

going crunchy - Thank you.