Lost Mountain

This week I'm a wormer; a Blogging Bookwormer. It's my week at the other blog. Come on over and check it out.

There's a review from Fix on A Year Without Made In China.

And I reviewed Lost Mountain, A Year In The Vanishing Wilderness, Radical Strip Mining and the Devastation Of Appalachia by Erik Reece, forward by Wendell Berry.

And let me know what you're reading before summer vacation comes to a close and all the gold medals have been awarded. There are never too many good books.


Audrey said...

Somewhere in that stream of lightweight summer novels I can't seem to get away from I finally read Uncertain Peril (Claire Cummings). Well, it's not a beach read, but it definitely motivated me to save seeds and join seed savers exchange. Thanks for all your book tips, keep 'em coming.

Theresa said...

I'm in the middle of reading The Transition Handbook, by Rob Hopkins of the transition towns movement. Wow, really wow. It is a terrific book, practical and hopeful at the same time.

kale for sale said...

audrey - I'm so glad you read Uncertain Peril. Thank you for telling me. A summer novel it's not but it is a good read. My cute guy's son, he's 21, read it too. And liked it. Well, at first he didn't but then something happened and he shot through it.

theresa - I checked out the link. It looks interesting and is already a plus if it balances practicality with hopefulness. That's not always easy. I hope you write about it.