Eat Local Challenge

In case you may have missed it, the Eat Local Challenge blog announced this years Eat Local
. It starts October 1.

I'm telling you now, in case you wanted some time to think about signing on.

Actually don't think. Just do it. One meal, two meals, a week. The full month. Make the challenge your own.

You'll like it. Money back guarantee. (I'm making that part up. There's no charge to join in.)


kendra said...

Thanks for letting me know about that Katrina, I just signed up!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Thanks for letting us know about this challenge. I think we could probably manage pretty well here. We have a ton of bulk beans and rice as we're vegetarians and we can get organic beans from a local co-op, but other than that most of the stuff we eat this time of year is local anyway, we have a CSA share, a garden, and a great farmer's market.

I'll have to talk it over with my partner Brett before signing up, though, but I doubt he'll mind.

Melissa said...

thanks for the tip...I'll go sign myself up!

kale for sale said...

kendra - That's great. You're a natural!

jennifer - My cute guy participates in the challenge only in the house and loves it. Outside on his own it's a different story.

melissa - Oh, good. It was a learning curve when I signed on last year but delicious and worth it.

Marie Louise said...

What a fab idea - I've signed up for the challenge even though that's exactly what it will be here in New England come October. Love your blog - I'll be checking back!

kale for sale said...

marie louise - That's terrific! It may not be as hard as you think but what do I know living in California. Either way I'm excited and routing for you. Have fun.