Herbs and Honey

I wish I would have thought of this but I didn't. I found the idea at The Herbwife's Kitchen and it's too easy to be so delicious.

The Herbwife puts aromatic herbs into jars of honey - she has pictures - and then eats it and uses it for remedies. My words, not hers. Since I didn't remember exactly what herbs she used I improvised.

I bought a big jar of local honey, went to the yard, cut sage and mint and layered them into a smaller jar with spoonfuls of honey. This morning I mixed it with yogurt and felt like a beautiful flower licking my spoon.

It's luscious.

Thank you Herbwife!


JV said...

hi miss kale
wonderful articles but i really wanted to comment on the beauty of your photography. thank you for making my life richer. You are expanding my old savior faire (hope i spelled it right) attitude, the one that makes me act like i know what im doing, into a new attitude that says there is enought time to stop and read a label, smell a melon or just let your eyes roam over the beauty of the color and varietys of natural foods that are available to us here in the Sonoma County area. We truly are blessed, so slow down, relax and enjoy.

kale for sale said...

Ahhhhhh. Thanks for the reminder.