Favorite Farmers' Market

My favorite farmers' market, Pt. Reyes, opens on Saturday. It's a handful of a market, one aisle, a few prepared food vendors, a baker and a honey woman; but it's the best handful of a market around. It's a seasonal, all organic market running through November 7.

One of my favorite farms, Wild Blue Farm is only at this market. Their radishes are like dessert; their blue potatoes miniature works of modern art. But maybe I'm over romanticizing; it's been six months since they've been at our table.

My other favorite thing about the Pt. Reyes market, which can't be overstated, are the ginger scones from the Brickmaiden Bakery. They arrive warm, mid-morning and sell out nearly immediately. I've paced the one street town in anticipation of them. This year I may bring a chair, set it up and simply wait.

What's your favorite market? Have you voted for it yet in the America's Favorite Farmers' Market Contest? The market with the most votes wins $5,000.

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Kel said...

ohh, som of my most fave memories are at Pt Reyes, the beachm the wind, the amazing sand patterns, the ..elk?, the farms! stunning. you know maybe were gonna have to move to california someday..your farmers markets really rock!

Green Bean said...

I am beyond jealous that you live close enough to Point Reyes to jaunt over there for a farmers' market. We went up there a couple weekends ago and fell in love.

kale for sale said...

Kel - Now that you put a question mark there I can't remember if they're elk either. In any case their white. Right? I think they're white. I love that the beauty lives half way around the world with you.

Green Bean - And the place is hardly any different than when I was a kid. Not that I don't enjoy progress but I love that the town remains a bit deserted.