Eric Schlosser

Last fall I wrote about seeing Eric Schlosser being interviewed by Orville Schell at a City Arts and Lectures event.

That talk is being aired Tuesday night, March 4, at 8PM on KQED, 88.5 fm. The station is also available online for audio streaming through your computer.

I heard the program yesterday, as it's broadcast twice in the same week, and enjoyed it as much as actually seeing the live recording in November. I still think Eric Schlosser is a national and local food awareness rock star! Extremely articulate, warm hearted and hotly passionate.

And City Arts and Lectures is fabulous too but for the fact that their recorded talks are not available to the general public except at prescribed times and venues. So it's likely this talk won't cycle around again for awhile.

And I so wish everyone could hear it.


Olivia said...

Hi Katrina,
Well I tried to listen to the program at 8 PM but the March 4 primaries upstaged I've just now finished listening to the 2 AM show...he is a rock star, and brilliant too. He sounds so very sincere and concerned. And I'm glad I got up to listen. See you in a few days. Good night.
Love, Olivia

kale for sale said...

Olivia - I know. I was listening too with mixed feeling as I wanted to know about the primaries but also wanted to hear Mr. Schlosser. You are legendary for getting up early but this ices the cake. I'm glad you got to hear him. He is a brilliant guy. xoxox